Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One of my favorite little haunts…yuk yuk

Once in a while I’ve heard someone mention that La Carafe, a great little watering hole and Houston’s oldest bar, is haunted. I’ve never really paid that much attention to such talk, figuring that any building that old (pre-Civil War) is bound to get some rumors and stories attached to it. That is, however, until I stumbled upon this little video about it:

I’m not convinced the place is haunted, but I’m defiantly more interested in the subject now. I’d like to go to one of the séances that the guys in the vid hold at La Carafe, but the $20 price tag irks me a bit.

One interesting note, at around 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the video, the bartender discusses a ghost which pushes women down the stairs and the last time I was at La Carafe, a woman did fall down some stairs. Although, I wonder if it was a ghost pushing her or the combination of a couple of drinks, high heels, and a poorly lighted, narrow stairway…

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blurry orbs over Houston

My interest in UFOs peaked around the age of 10 or 11 and then began a rapid decline. Once in a while, however, I’ll get exceptionally bored and peruse through various UFO forums online. It appears that Texas, Houston & the surrounding ‘burbs specifically, has become a hotspot for UFO activity over the past six months. And, thanks to cell phone video cams and You Tube, everyone and their mother is recording the skies and posting it on line. Due to the overall crappy nature of the videos, as well as my generally skeptical nature, I’m highly suspicious of the evidence presented…But, that’s just me. It’ll be interesting to see if the wave of sightings continue and what, if anything, becomes of it.

The dialoge from the chick in that last video is priceless:

“That’d be awesome if they land here! I mean, oh wow! This is crazy, what if it is an alien? We’ll be famous!”

Yes, your first concern about contacting life from another world should be whether or not it will make you famous. ASS. Finally, there’s this little gem from the Channel 11 news last month: